Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday and update on Evyn

So I know I am a little late on this but the hubby turned 26 on March 4, it was just a quiet B-day, I took Deryck to his favorite place, The Ninja, and then we enjoyed his favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake at my parents. But I just wanted to let him know that I love him and am sooo thankful to have him in my life. LOVE YOU BABE!

Monday we were scheduled to have an ultrasound but when we got to the doctors they had me down for just a regular check up intstead, I was bummed but it was a pretty good thing that they checked me and the baby. I have been having very intense contractions on and off for the past couple of weeks, luckily after checking me and seeing that I wasn't dialating, the doctor said they are just "bracton hicks", I had them in the last month of my pregnancy with Grant but not this intense or painful. When they checked Evyn's heart beat it was WAY too fast and would not slow down, of course this sent my heart rate racing, and so we were both off the charts, they had me rest for a bit and finally after a while it started to slow back down. We were able to reschedule our ultrasound for today, and let me tell you I have a really calm baby.... it must have been her nap time because she would not budge! We couldn't get a good picture of her face, but they did what they could, One thing is for sure.. she has my toes! We setteled for a food picture of her little feet, which are adorable too! Her heart rate was again a little faster than normal today but it slowed down, and everything looks good except my fluid is low so they will have to keep good track of that and do a few more ultra sounds just to make sure everything will be ok..... What a difference this pregnancy is from the last one... I had it easy with Grant. But I am am ready to face anything this one has to dish out in order to meet my baby girl!