Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seeing PINK!

Looks like we are going to be having a GIRL! It was so thoughtful the way my hubby told me, He sent me on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and at each place there was a letter spelling out EvYn for a girl or EvAn for a boy, he saved the give away letter for last, I opened the gift and all I saw was the corner of a pink blanket and my eyes started to well up with tears! inside was the letter Y and a precious little sunday dress! If I look shocked in this picture it's because I am, there are only 2 grandchildren that are girls on the Copley side of the family so girls are very rare! I still can't believe it! Im soooo excited!! What a great surprise this was, I feel sooooo complete;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Girls night, Parade, Hospital.. a whirlwind weekend

So most of you know that me and some of my girlfriends from highschool get together once a month for girls night, well this time it was at Kristi's house and we made gingerbread houses. I spent the prior 2 weeks making dough, cutting shapes and putting the houses together, it was exsahusting but fun, I ended up making 8 houses in total, which is a lot for me! The girls did a great job and it is always a fun time when we all get together. Thanks Kristi!

Finally finished making and putting the housed together 10 min before girls night!

Good times decorating houses and getting messy, they sure look good enough to eat!I didn't decorate a house but I kept the frosting bags full!

Megan and Natalie hard at work! Look at the concentration! haha
Friday was the ward Christmas party and I have to admit, the food was actually really good! And I am not saying that just because I am prego, They really did a great job, but I spent most of the time chasing after Grant through crowds of hungry people!

Saturday was great fun, We woke up early and cleaned the house as usual, and then by noon we went into town to pick up my sister, Deryck, Grant, Andi and I all went to the Cavalcade parade, I have never been before but I think it was one of Cedar's better parades, although there were lots of spaces between floats and it did seem to drag on.. we all had fun just being there. After that we went and had luch at Pizza Factory nothing is better than a veggie calzone smothered in alfredo sauce to satisfy my appetite! And the best part is.. we didn't have to pay a single dime for our whole meal! Thanks to some coupons we got from Canyon View! Later that evening Deryck and I watched 4 Christmases which by the way is absolutely hillarious!
Grant loves balloons, so for him to be able to see a Giant horse balloon was pure excitement!

This was towards the end of the parade, you can tell because Grant's smile is nowhere to be found!

Daddy and Grant, wow and they are both smiling!

Aunt Andi, she is Grant's favorite person next to Grandma

Sunday I was really excited to go to church because the relief society was having a special lesson, we were even on time, but we were only there for about 10 min when I felt a horriffic pain in my lower right stomache, now I felt it earlier when we were at home but not this bad. I knew that something was wrong and told Deryck to take me to the Emergency room, we left Grant with my parents and off we went. We were in the emergency room for about 5 hours while they poked me with needles, took my blood and urine samples and did an ultra sound, They thought it was a bladder infection but it wasn't, so they tested my blood for infection in my appendix, it showed that there may be some infection, I was still having the pain when the nurse came to get me for the ultrasound my stomache got really hard like I was having contractions so I started to get really nervous, even though they knew they wouldn't be able to see my appendix with an ultra sound due to me being pregnant, they tried any way but couldn't find anything and the baby seemed to be ok. They sent me home with instructions not to eat just incase I had to have surgery, and I had to go back for a follow up on my blood at 9:00 thay same night, I asked Deryck to give me a blessing so that everything would be ok and the pain would go away. An hour after we got home the pain was almost completely gone, I went back at 9 for the follow up with my sister and they found no trace of infection in my blood. I was so grateful to know that everything was ok and that I wouldn't have to have surgery, talk about a faith builder!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanksgiving was everything I had hoped it would be this year and more! We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house in Parowan, and the food couldn't get any better! The day after Thanksgiving we decorated our gingerbread houses with all the cousins and aunts, and some of the men went Christmas tree hunting, it was the first thanksgiving in many years that we have had a full house! And I am talking about wall to wall kids and grown-ups, but it was so wonderful to see that, and Grant actually had cousins he could play with! I think that it was actually the first time that he played all day long with kids his age and I think it was great therapy for not only me but for him as well because he was such a happy kid all week long! It just makes me that much more excited for Christmas! The presents are great but nothing beats spending time with fmaily laughing and playing , telling stories and enjoying eachothers company;)
Crazy boys, cousin McCade, and my lil bro ( the 4th Jonas brother) Brandon or who Grant likes to call "uncle OBBY"
Grant was so caught up in all that was going on around him that he dindn't even want to sit still and eat his first Thanksgiving dinner!

Cute cousins Kylie, Andi, and Hailey

Baby Addie, this is my first time meeting my new cousin she is the cutest most chubbiest baby ever! they call her baby peanut!