Monday, November 15, 2010

Boring blogging/ SEW....What's up!

Ok so I really want to blog but I always feel like I have to have pictures on all of my posts, well looks like Im going to have a really Boring blog for a while because my camera is busted;( so sad because I have all this stuff to take pictures of and NO camera. First off, I found as my friend Megan would say "a jem" of a sewing machine at the DI and amazingly it is fully functional and all parts are metal! YAY! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, most of you are thinking "why didn't you just buy a new one?" well for those of you who know about sewing machines, know how expensive a good machine can cost and most of you who know me, know that I am borderline CHEAP, and broke (but that's a whole different story) haha. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out this machine was in great working condition and only $20. I would love to say I have sewn a million things with it already but the truth is I find that the only time I have to sit down and sew is when the kids are naping, NICE! I love the kids clothes at GAP, but find their clothing to be rediculously OVER priced, So I frequent the store (with phone camera ready) and snap pics of my favorite pieces, examine the fabric and identify the pattern and before you know it Im home sewing a replica for usually under $8, this is where I wish i had my camera so you could see for yourself, Maybe I'll just take all my pieces over to my cousins or have one of my friends snap some photos of them. Can't wait to share my creations with you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spooks, Tricks, and Treats!

This year for Halloween we enjoyed a Day at Cornbelly's (pictures coming soon) as a gift from my parents. Then we spent the night trick or treating with cousins!
Grant was M.I.A. for this picture, but in case you couldn't tell, that is Evyn on the far left, she was Tinkerbell! since she has no hair, I made her a wig! haha! All of the kids were sooo darn cute!
And of course when one child starts to cry during picture taking, its like a chain reaction!
Grant, Reagan, and Mya loading up.
One of my favorite things of the night was Grant and his method for getting a lot of candy, "We got to hurry to the next one, then run to the next one!" and at every door he would say "Trick or Treat! Halloween! "
Cute cousins in their skeleton jamies!
The parting gifts
We dined on Navajo tacos, they were pumpkins!
Chelsea's homemade doughnuts and cookie dough spider truffles.

All thanks to this cute family, Thank you Chelsea and Josh!