Friday, January 22, 2010

In like ForeVeR!

I know, I think this is the longest time I have gone without posting. Probably because papa has been cleaning and organizing the space on the computer so I haven't been able to upload or find any of my pictures! He means well;). Here is a quick update on what we have been up to....

Evyn is mobile and fast! She is crawling, climbing and has learned Pat-a-cake and can say mama, dady, and bubble bath, and is now sporting two bottom teeth!

Deryck is going to school, now working for AMP security (same thing as APX) just different company, recruiting a lot of guys and moving up the ladder, he will be back East again this summer. busy busy busy!

Grant is finally has a good structured routine, he is learning how to read, and is now finally enjoying playing with his sister now that she is mobile;)

I have been on an excercise craze and am obsessed with Jillian Michaels workouts, and I ams starting to actually like long distance running.

I promise we will have tonz of new pics to share with all of you after next week, we are taking the kids to Colorado to stay with Grandma Pennie for a whole week! and then its off to Cancun Mexico for Deryck and I for a long awaited vacation in the sun!