Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Ok so if you are reading these posts I need to tell you that they are backwards so if you want the exact play by play you will have to start from the bottom to the top of the page;)

I took one of the pictures with my Grandpa Clarence in mind, I am standing by a protected species of bees at Xel Ha, these are hives made of followed out trees and yes there is a lot of honey inside;)
Deryck and I spent our last night in Cancun walking on the beach ( I know how sappy) but it WAS so romantic.;)
We woke up early saturday morning and layed out on the beach, it was the nicest day about 90 degrees and of course it had to be the day of our departure. I didn't want to leave Cancun without sea shells for Grant and the whole time we were there we couldn't find any on the beach, but Deryck was determined and dug through the sand as the waves rolled in like he was panning for gold and low and behold found a treasure trove of sea shells! All in all we had the time of our lives and are so thankful for the people who made it possible for us to go, can't wait for next year!
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Cancun continued...

Here is the temple, then you have the ring where they hit the ball through in a 7 on 7 game using only elbows knees and hips NO hands and feet it was approx 2o feet high! AMAZING! The most interesting sight to see was this baptismal faunt, then there was the observatory, the Myan people were truely brilliant in their studies of the sun and astrology.
This is at the center of the Arena where they played "ball" this is where they say "kukulcan" (kukul meaning feather and can meaning snake) sat but we call him Jesus Christ ;)

Friday was basically our last full day in Cancun, Deryck and I went to Xel- Ha (shell ha) which is basically a protected cove which was a mixture of salt water and fresh water, you had to wear biodegradeable sunscreen, and you could just snorkel, ride a tube through the mangroves at the begining of the cove, clif dive, ride bikes, swim with dolphins, and caves, they had all kinds of wild life, it was so relaxing and beautiful
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Cancun Trip 2010!

We all stayed at an all inclusive 5 star hotel Riu Caribe, this is the view from out balcony.
Beach time! we spent our first day lying out on the beach and hanging with friends
Wednesday Deryck and I went zip lining (not pictured will post later) at Selvatica and then joined our friends on a trip to the Mexican Market. Bargaining is sooooo much fun!
Thursday we all visited Chichen Itza, I have to say this was the best part of our trip, as soon as I saw the ruins I got chills! It was even better because our tour guide new a little bit about the LDS and so it was very insightful.
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