Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Gold Star.

Can I just say how in love I am with my Evyn "doll" and Grant"man" They are growing up so fast, learning so manythings and I can't
imagine how boring and unfulfilling life would be without them.

We recently started a "star chart" for them, they can earn gold stars throughout the week by doing something nice, listening to mommy and daddy or being nice to eachother, they can also earn black stars and that is NOT a good thing. at the end of the week we coun't up all the gold and subtract all the black, if they have 5 gold stars then they get to go somewhere fun or get something fun. Here is where the stars have taken us recently

A dinner date and Ice cream, to the play place at the mall, and Dispicable me, ( note this is not all one day ;) )
To see the fish and animals at Cabella's (even daddy's get gold stars too! haha! )
On a play date to the Kangaroo Zoo!
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Deryck's dad was going to be in St. George for Christmas weekend and that weekend only, our orignional plan was that we were not going anywhere for Christmas because both Deryck and I had to work, but we made it work and drove down Christmas Eve and joined my parents and family in Parowan for out traditional Christmas Eve party at my Grandparent's house. I love getting together with family and just having no care in the world and laughing and talking. My kids really enjoyed it and I think it made Christmas more exciting for them.
We spent the night at my parents house in Cedar and opened presants and ate a yummy breakfast, It was so much fun to just watch the kids open their gifts and get all excited for what they got. Deryck and I have a rule that we only get the kids one big gift each and one small gift each, this rule is only because they have 3 sets of Grandparents, and usually more than half the gifts under the tree turn out to be for the kids, (they are a little spoiled ) being the only grandkids on each side of the family. Grant's big gift was the Fisher Price ixl, which I have to say is the best gift ever...for me and him ;) Evyn got a dress up box and lots of fun dress ups. That afternoon we headed to St. George to spend the day with Deryck's dad and Nancy, where the kids got to open even more presents, we enjoyed a nice dinner and it was so good to see them after 6 months of not seeing them. We headed back to Cedar around 7 because my youngest brother was calling from Mexico, I loved hearing his voice and seems like he knows the language pretty good, Im do proud of him and so greatful for the service he is doing in Mexico. What a perfect Christmas!
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We started out our Christmas celebrations with some of our close friends and had a Christmas party at the Zorad's, Thank you Krystal and Boone! We miss you guys.
We finally got around to taking the kids to sit on Santa's lap. When little Evyn saw him she ran towards him and held out her arms for him to hold her, it was the cutest thing ever! no tears here. I think we saw about 3 Santa's and Grant asked everyone of them for the same gift, a new snow globe :)
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