Monday, October 25, 2010

Nana and Papa Visit!

Last weekend my dad actually had a few days off work! I know... crazy! So him and my mom came up for a little getaway to watch a JAZZ game and visit. There was nothing that I needed more last week than to see my parents, it really took my mind off of things and I needed that the most. We went to Thanksgiving Pointe on Saturday, they weather was not ideal so we just went to the Barnyard Boo, it was starting to get too cold to be outside so we didn't have a chance to hit up Cornbelly's but my parent's being who they are, purchased us some tickets so that we could take the kids on a warmer day. I can't begin to tell you what amazing parents I have but I my kids adore them as much as I do so it's hard on all of us when they leave, and we already can't wait to be able to spend more time with them as soon as we can. But Im just glad that they were able to make a trip up. Here are some pictures from their visit.

She kept saying "oohhh! Punkins!"
isn't thist the cutest little cheesy face you have ever seen?! What a crack up!

Need I say more? ;)
My Evyn Elyse.

Spooky Spooky!

What cute little "pumpkins"

I love the face Grant is making! We wanted to get a picture of him and Evyn together with the fall leaves, but he insisted that we take one of him riding the sheep! That's Grant for ya!

Grant found a pony to ride that was just his size, He didn't wear his cowboy boots for nothin!

Nana and Grant

Grant cleaned up the streats of Barnyard Boo and threw these two criminals into the Utah Territorial Jail, they are known as NANA and PAPA.

Making cookies!

Evyn throwing Bats at the Haunted house.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Weekend in "Grandmaland"

This last weekend we packed up the kiddos and headed to Colorado to visit Grandma Pennie at her new place. When we drove up the first thought was Snow White and WOW! It's about 10 acres and her house is a little old victorian style house, white red and green, really old, but so darling, I love old houses because they have the most unique layouts. Grant told me that there was even a "whompus kitty" that lives in the attic! haha! what an imagination. Im soo sad about the pictures, I took pictures of all of our adventures every day we were there, of Grant and I riding horses together, Deryck fishing in the river, Grant and Evyn chasing chickens and swinging on the tire swing horse, but the last day we were there my camera decided to go crazy and all my pictures were lost, so all of these pictures were taken just right before we left on Sunday. It was loads of fun though and we were glad that we got to visit.
YEEEE HAWW! Ride em Cowboy!

Farm Fresh Eggs!
Chicken Run
Singin E I E I O!

You know me, I gotta make some Monster Cupcakes! SPOOKY!