Friday, March 5, 2010

And he's going to..........

Yesterday was full of exciting events. Not only did we Celebrate Deryck's 27th birthday, but my youngest brother Brandon recieved his mission call! We all had our random guesses and I was sooo sure that he was going foreign, somewhere spanish speaking of course, but only two people guessed right. I am excited to say that Elder Brandon Pena will be serving in the Mexico, Mexico City North mission!!! I have 2 other brothers one older than me and one just 4 years younger and Brandon is the first in our family to serve a mission, I have had several cousins who have served missions but the only other person close to me who has served a mission was Deryck, He is the only missionary I kept close tabs on ;) So this will be quite a fun experience for the whole family. He won't be leaving till July 21st ( I know... that seems like a long time;) so Im glad that we will get to spend most of the summer here with us. We love you Brandon and are so proud and excited for you, you will make a great missionary! LOVES!!
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Thursday, March 4, 2010