Sunday, November 16, 2008

A great weekend

So Deryck and I finally got to go on a "date" this weekend, It has been forever since we have gotten to go out and spend a day with eachother without Grant, thanks to my parents we got that opportunity. We went to an early endowment session, This is deffinately my idea of the perfect day and date, everytime we get the opportunity to do something together we always pick the temple as our getaway. I can think of no perfect place to be on a Saturday morning. After the session we went and ate at one of our favoite places Texas Roadhouse, mm...mmm good! Then we did a little Costco shopping and of course stopped by Sportsmans Warehouse, and of course I can't leave St. George without stopping by Nelson's Frozen Custard for some of the best ice cream in the WORLD! If you have never been there or have never heard of the place... SHAME ON YOU!;) For years I have watched my parent's take a day out of their week to spend time with one another and thought nothing of it, but now that I have my own kids I am just starting to realize how very important and vital it is in strengthening not only your personal relationship with your spouse but your home and family as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok so we are officially announcing that we are expecting baby #2! We found out 2 days after Gran't first birthday, and the first thing I said was "well at least we made it to year 1!" My due date is May 25th! I am so excited to hopefully share my birthday with this new little one. We have had baby names picked out for our kids since before Grant was born, this baby's name will be Evan whether its a girl or a boy, but it will be spelled differently for a girl, Evyn, and the middle names will be different, Paul and Elise. I have to be honest, it has taken us a while to get comfortable with the idea that we will have 2 kids under the age of 2 but now I can say that we couldn't be more grateful for this little blessing, and we are so much more than Excited! However just to add to the suspense of having another baby, Deryck will be leaving to work for Apx Alarms in April and will be gone for 4 months and will only be able to take a week off to fly home to be here when I have the baby! Oh boy! But hopefully in June the kids and I will be able to join him so that he won't miss out on the first couple of months of this baby's life, and quite frankly I think I would go nuts without him!:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricking and Treating

Halloween was a little bit different than it usually is, considering Grant is only one, we didn't feel it necessary to do the door to door thing, but we did go trunk or treating at the car dealerships, which I think is so much more fun, and I think we will do that from here on out;) We did stop by our friends Krisit and Skip's house, by that time it was getting late and Grant was getting tired, So Deryck and I thought it would be fun to go bowling, we bowled one game and Grant couldn't get enough of it, He LOVED it! We stoped by my parent's house after that and that is where we found a blonde haired hippie who sounded like Aaron, but deffinately didn't look like him, but low and behold it was!! He was getting ready for the Howl. Grant was dressed as a skeleton, I was dressed in Halloween atire and Deryck, we Deryck was dressed as himself ooooh scary!!
Don't let your eyes fool you, this is Aaron
Check out that perfect form! He could be pro!

Bowlin with Daddy

Our cute little skeleton

Grant helping mommy improve her game;)

A beautiful October day

The day before Halloween Grant and I finally decided to carve the pumpkin that we grew in our garden. It was such a nice day, infact it was sooo nice outside that after we carved our pumpkin we went and played in the leaves, It's not every October that a child gets to play outside with just a diaper on, Grant found a stray kitten and started chasing it down the street, so I just figure we would take a nice little walk together and look at all the fun Halloween decorations, my brother Aaron snapped pictures of us as we walked... Awe tender!

Playing with pumpkin Guts!! EEWW!

The finished masterpiece! Grant's Mickey Mouse pumpkin!! We love Disney!

Enjoying the leaves on a beautiful October day

Grant haming it up for the camera

Taking advantage of the warm weather
A srtoll down the block