Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricking and Treating

Halloween was a little bit different than it usually is, considering Grant is only one, we didn't feel it necessary to do the door to door thing, but we did go trunk or treating at the car dealerships, which I think is so much more fun, and I think we will do that from here on out;) We did stop by our friends Krisit and Skip's house, by that time it was getting late and Grant was getting tired, So Deryck and I thought it would be fun to go bowling, we bowled one game and Grant couldn't get enough of it, He LOVED it! We stoped by my parent's house after that and that is where we found a blonde haired hippie who sounded like Aaron, but deffinately didn't look like him, but low and behold it was!! He was getting ready for the Howl. Grant was dressed as a skeleton, I was dressed in Halloween atire and Deryck, we Deryck was dressed as himself ooooh scary!!
Don't let your eyes fool you, this is Aaron
Check out that perfect form! He could be pro!

Bowlin with Daddy

Our cute little skeleton

Grant helping mommy improve her game;)


Brenda Joy said...

Hey Bree! It looks like you've been having so much fun! I love your blog. I t will be fun to peek in and see what you're up to!!!

Kristi said...

Oh FUN!! Thanks for stopping by, it was good to see you! We need to do it more often! What a cute Pumpkin Love It!!! OH and your little walk looked fun!

The Binghams said...

Yeah bree I am so glad that you have a blog!!! Good job!! looks like you had a fun Halloween!! LOVE YOU!!

Cami & Shelby said...

Bree I am so glad you have a blog!! You need to add me now!