Monday, April 20, 2009


*Deryck Grant and I braved the cold weather and went to the Easter egg hunt in Enoch, where we found more nuts than eggs (meaning the parents get WAY more out of control than the kids, I mean who ever heard of a 6 month old hunting for eggs? Well apparently they do when they are attatched to a CRAZY parent! LOL!

*We had our usual egg coloring contest... Brandon won, Grant took 2nd with his Nacho Libre egg (thanks to my dad he is obsessed with Nacho)

* We had our family easter egg hunt at Nana Tuni's, and YES we all hunt for eggs because there are no little kids in the family and my mother still insists that we do it, but we love it because the eggs are filled with money instead of candy, and it gets WAY competitive!

* we had a YUMMY BBQ

That was our Easter in a nutshell!
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Kristi said...

Oh how fun!! YAY I love Easter!

Amberley said...

Ha Ha Ha thats so funny because we did the Enoch hunt last year and vowed never to do it again.Parents ruin everything

Juan, Charise, & Avery said...

BABY WATCH IS A GO!! Im going to start checking the website daily...cant wait for baby Evyn to make her grand entrance :)