Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March madness/ April

I have been so bad at posting but here is a little picture catch up!

We have been spending the majority of our time in St. George escaping the snow and swimming at the Rec Center... I can't wait for Cedar's Rec Center to open!

Grant has been wanting to walk around the Temple grounds forever so we finally took him, on the way into the Temple grounds he fell and scraped his elbow, when I asked him if he was ok he confidently replied "yes! Jesus will make it better." he spotted a couple who had just got married and asked "what are they doing?" we told him how people get married in the Temple and that mommy and daddy were married in this Temple and he said " Ya I was a baby in the Temple! Im going to be married there." Deryck and I just looked at each other like WOW! Children are amazing.

The last big snow fall uncle "Run-Run" (Aaron) took the kids and I sledding at Cal Ranch, boy did we have fun! I usually hibernate when it snows because I dread the cold, but it was sunny enough for me to suck it up and take my kids out to play in the snow and Im so glad that we went. Thanks again Aaron you are a GREAT uncle!
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Derrick * Breanna * Khloe said...

I love all the pictures.. It looks like you guys have been having a great time! Hope all is well.. We miss you guys!

Kristi said...

Oh my how freaking cute are your pics!! I so cannot wait to see you tomorrow, its been way WAY to long!!! :D

Cami and Shelby said...

I took Rylee to the Rec Center the other day to swim! Its fun there! We live really close we are lucky!

Amberley said...

Oh my heck, you guys are the cutest family! and you my girl are one hot mom :)