Friday, June 11, 2010

Baltimore Times

Well we have been enjoying our time in Baltimore, doing a lot of things, seeing alot of the sites, I know I haven't been good at posting lately, mainly because I don't get the internet in my apartment and it is just too much for me to take the kids down to the lobby and have them sit quietly while I blog;) so here is a quick run down and, not all of the pics, but some of them.
We have been to the inner Harbor 2 times now and I have yet to post any of the pictures because both times I forgot my camera or it wasn't working, so other people have pictures of us there, just waiting to swap with them;) But we enjoy going to the Harbor because there is just so much to do and see, our last trip there we went to the National Aquarium, it was amazing!
We took a small trip to DC, we saw the white house and the first thing that Deryck said was "that's it?" I guess he was expecting it to be more "grand" than it was;) we didn't get to see the Lincoln memorial or the wwII memorial because it started to rain and the kids were getting cold but we will go back again once my family comes out.

Just last Sunday we went to watch an Orioles VS Red Sox game, it was nice to go do something I wouldn't normally do, but MAN! are those games long! Grant slept the entire game because he was sick, and Evyn stayed awake the whole time and cheered and clapped when everyone else did. Although it was a good experience, I don't think you will catch me at another one anytime soon;) .

Then on Monday my friend Sarah and I went in search of Charm City Cakes;) I knew we weren't going to see more than just the building but it was still fun to go and actually see where they are. Surprisingly in was smack dap right in the middle of what they call the "blue light district" meaning high crime ghetto. luckily it was during the day but I still can't believe we walked around the block with our kids;) next time I go, I'll just eat at The Dizz, then maybe I will have a celebrity sighting;).

Here are some pics! Enjoy;)

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The Bingham's said...

How Fun! Looks like you are having a great time! Cute pictures! You are so beautiful and I miss you! Love you