Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Weekend in "Grandmaland"

This last weekend we packed up the kiddos and headed to Colorado to visit Grandma Pennie at her new place. When we drove up the first thought was Snow White and WOW! It's about 10 acres and her house is a little old victorian style house, white red and green, really old, but so darling, I love old houses because they have the most unique layouts. Grant told me that there was even a "whompus kitty" that lives in the attic! haha! what an imagination. Im soo sad about the pictures, I took pictures of all of our adventures every day we were there, of Grant and I riding horses together, Deryck fishing in the river, Grant and Evyn chasing chickens and swinging on the tire swing horse, but the last day we were there my camera decided to go crazy and all my pictures were lost, so all of these pictures were taken just right before we left on Sunday. It was loads of fun though and we were glad that we got to visit.
YEEEE HAWW! Ride em Cowboy!

Farm Fresh Eggs!
Chicken Run
Singin E I E I O!

You know me, I gotta make some Monster Cupcakes! SPOOKY!

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Brenda Joy said...

Looks so darn fun!!! I absolutley love your monster cupcakes...soooo adorable! What a talented lil' mommy! Love you Bree!