Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spooks, Tricks, and Treats!

This year for Halloween we enjoyed a Day at Cornbelly's (pictures coming soon) as a gift from my parents. Then we spent the night trick or treating with cousins!
Grant was M.I.A. for this picture, but in case you couldn't tell, that is Evyn on the far left, she was Tinkerbell! since she has no hair, I made her a wig! haha! All of the kids were sooo darn cute!
And of course when one child starts to cry during picture taking, its like a chain reaction!
Grant, Reagan, and Mya loading up.
One of my favorite things of the night was Grant and his method for getting a lot of candy, "We got to hurry to the next one, then run to the next one!" and at every door he would say "Trick or Treat! Halloween! "
Cute cousins in their skeleton jamies!
The parting gifts
We dined on Navajo tacos, they were pumpkins!
Chelsea's homemade doughnuts and cookie dough spider truffles.

All thanks to this cute family, Thank you Chelsea and Josh!


Kristi said...

How freaking fun!! I wish we could have came!! You guys always look like you have a good time! loves!

Megan Parkes said...

You guys look like you had the BEST Halloween! All of those treats look amazing! I especially LOVE Evyn's wig. Only you would construct a wig for your child for Halloween. :)

Laura Castillo said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! The kids are so dang cute loved it!!