Friday, December 17, 2010

Evyn's Terrible, Horrible No Good VERY BAD Day.

December 10 was a very traumatizing day for all of us, Especially my little Evyn Dolly. Around 3 Grant, with all good intentions, was in the kitchen wanting a drink, so I got him one and got Evyn one as well in their "designated" plastic cups :) They sat in the kitchen drinking thier juce and I went into the bedroom to finish folding clothes. Grant had decided that he needed more juice and asked me for some, I topld him to wait a few more minutes and I would be right there. Then a few minutes later I heard him say to Evyn "go show mommy" and I started to walk into the front room to meet her assuming Grant had successfully pourd more juice in her cup and didn't want her to spill it all over the house. I saw him coaxing her and told him that she needed to stay in the kitchen with the drink and she knew that but Grant kept coaxing her and she was resisting his nudging, It was at that moment I realized she had a different cup than I had given her "a big thick glass cup" (the only glass one we have in the house by the way) and as I urged Grant Not to push on her, He pushed, tripped the both of them and the came crashing down, Grant on top of Evyn, and Evyn's mouth straight onto the glass cup. She screamed and had what I thought was the berry juice she had been drinking all over her face, I scooped her up and noticed her front tooth was gone and realized that the "berry juice" was her blood, I freaked! but tried my hardest to stay calm and ran her to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth so that I could asses the damage. After Evyn (and Mommy) stopped crying we went into the kitchen to see if we could find her tooth, no such luck so I just assumed she had swallowed it. I swear I called EVERY pediatric dentist from here to Sandy and they had all closed at 2 and would not see her for an emergency because she had not been to the dentist yet and is not a "'registered patient" Really people?? I was so mad, so Monday I scheduled her for an appointment, it was a crazy day and in the midst of all the running around I had left her insurance card at the house and said that I would have to re-schedule! UGHHHHH! They put her on stand by and we finally got her in to see the dentist on Wednesday and this is what we found out.

Her tooth was shoved back up into her gum 1/4 in! we were all so shocked, even the dentist said he had never seen a case as bad as this.

She hated the dentist, but she was such a happy girl after she stopped crying when it happened, she even attempted to eat an apple!
This was Saturday night, her face was so swollen clear up to her eye.
The dentist wants to try and avoid invasive surgery, so he is having us wait it out and see if the tooth will push itself back down just enough that he can just pull it out, that can take up to 3 months, so if this does not happen then she will have to have surgery :( poor baby.
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Megan Parkes said...

Oh Bree.. When you texted this all to me I seriously just stood there with my mouth gaping. I feel so bad for her, and YOU! Hopefully her tooth will come back down. I hope she's not in too much pain. It sounds so painful! :( Good Luck!

copefamily said...

Oh goodness. I am so sorry. What a Mother's nightmare. I sure do hope everything goes ok, and that her tooth will come down. Poor little girl and poor mama. Let us know what happens.

The Bingham's said...

Oh my heck bree that is so horrible! Poor little thing! Let me know if you need anything! I hate stuff like that!

Jamilla said...

I can't believe it was that bad! That is so sad! Poor thing. I hope she gets better soon.

Tricia said...

Oh my gosh Bree! That is horrible! Poor Evyn! :( I can't believe that about the dentists! What a joke! Seriously, that's rediculous! I hope everything turns out ok for her. That has to be awful to just wait it out! She's a trooper! (and so are you!) :)

I'm so glad you checked my blog too! I feel like no one checks it anymore cause it takes me forever to post anything. I am going to try to do better now that I have the internet. :) It is fun for me to still check everyone's. I think Facebook has taken over the blog world, but the blogs can be more personal so I like them more! It's good to hear from you! We miss you down here! Take care! Loves!!!