Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few yards and a little inspiration

Ok so I know I talk about sewing a lot and post about my creations on FB all the time, but I have never posted any pics of my creations and here is why

1: I am way self concious about the things I create and I never think they are good enough to be able to share with everyone else.

2: I really hate downloading pictures onto the computer..... It seems like it takes forever, but Im just lazy;)

Also I love to sew and I have been sewing with a tiny crapy sewing machine for a long time and would get so frustrated during a project that I would just simply quit midway and nothing was ever completely finished. So I bought an older used one and I finally started to actually finish projects, the stitching was clean and smooth and it made sewing a breeze, and ever since then I have been using my "Hour" a day time to my self to sew and create.

My sister's wedding is in June and and with Evyn being the flower girl I thought Im going to make her dress, because I found the cutest dress in the store and I wanted to copy cat it, but in purple. I never ever ever use patterns bought at the store because... I simply can't understand or follow the directions, so usually I will just use something that they already have, get the measurements and make my own patterns with paper (much easier). Alright enough hoopla, here is what I have been up to.

The Dress isn't completely finished, I am still deciding on what "accents I want to put on it, and Im waiting to put the zipper in just in case Evyn decides to have a major growth spurt ;)
These are just some throw pillows I made to livin up my living room for spring, notice the kids already ripped off the button on the round pillow, nothing lasts very long when you have toddlers ;)

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Danon & Bree said...

You are one talented women! The dress and pillow are amazing!! It makes me want to buy a sewing machine and get to work! However, I have no idea how to run one!