Friday, June 17, 2011

Andrianna and Tyler's Wedding Extravaganza!

Ok so this may be a little bit of an overload of pictures but after what I call "Andriana and Tyler's Wedding Extravaganza" I just wanted to relax for a bit, so I slacked on posting about the wedding :)

I headed to Cedar 2 weeks before the wedding so that I could spend Memorial Day with my family and do all the last minutes for the Bridal Shower.

We had the Bridal Shower that Saturday at my brother Anton's house, Everything turned out exactly how I pictured it and we all had a blast!

For the drinks we had a Mint Julep bar and mini waterbottles

This mossy Idea was actually the whole inspiration for the decor of the shower and I loved how it turned out!

On the Menu: Pita chips with Parmesan Spinache Artichoke dip .......

Turkey Pinwheels and Nuts about Berry salad in a cup (not pictured)

Last but not least Andriana's favorite cake... From scratch Red Velvet (I made 3 the night before yikes!)

The best part of the shower were the people who came, I don't have pictures of everyone who showed up but this one has a few of my favorite people in the world!

The next week we had all sorts of fun, my sister and I enjoyed a little bit of pampering, getting spray tans and taking the kids to the aquatic center and then the Friday before the wedding we all gathered at the Canyon Park for a dinner hosted by Tyler's family.

Cousins, Sister's, Grandmas, Mother's and Daughters we be!

A few of the silliest cousins I know! It was so cute to see all the little one's playing and having fun together.

The gangs all here!

These moment's don't happen often enough but when they do you leave longing for more!

This day came tooo fast, Im getting choked up as we speak, I really never thought of the day my little baby sister would be getting married, I always thought I would have been through at least 2 other sibling weddings before this one but I almost wasn't quite prepared for it! haha! Even though there are 8 years between us, she is one of my best friends, she was my first mini-me and I remember dressing her up and doing her hair and makeup and taking "glamour" shots of her in our backyard! This day brought me back to those days as I helped her put on her dress, wipe her eyes , and fix her makeup just before she walked down the aisle. What a beautiful ceremony and a day to remember.

luckily I had Evyn to make us laugh and calm the nerves as she dragged Braden and I down the aisle, what a

Aint no party like a Pena Partay!

Let them eat cake!

Circle of Friends

Grant and his Cousin Reagan.... they love eachother
Doesn't my sister look gorgeous!

There is never a dull moment when we all get together.

I want this to be perfectly clear ..... Alexis was the mastermind behind the car! hahaa! And of course my Aunt Brenda has a jump rope in her car for special occaisions such as this!

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