Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little catch up!

Let me catch all of you up on what has been going on in our exciting life. In September we celebrated Grant's 1st birthday on the 16th, it was quite the birthday party, there were lots of family and friends that came and had loads of fun. I made grants birthday cake all by myself and not to boast or anything but it turned out perfectly! We had carniasada and chicken burrito buffet along with lots of other good eats and as tradition in our family we had a Pinata!!! Grant of course had the first go at it but along with a few others but it was uncle Jaryd who took it to the ground (quite entertaining but also frightening at the same time considering he was swinging around a metal softball bat blind folded!) But we all survived. We opended present and talked. It was the perfect day... well I guess we could have done without the wasps attacking our food!

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