Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Hunting

So today My mother, Grant and I went "pumpkin Hunting" in Paragonah, while Deryck and his family went deer hunting (YUCK!) haha! And the rest of our family were bumbs and stayed at home. We had so much fun, this year was especially difficult finding the perfect pumkins since the pumpkins were looking a bit sad and mushy, infact, Grant found a "stray" mushy, rotten pumpkin in the middle of the dirt road and I really thought we were going to have to go home with this discusting thing because Grant, for some reason, fell in love with it. He was actually talking to it like it was some cute little lost puppy! It was great fun! We ended up taking home 7 pumpkins. We stopped at the Parowan cafe for lunch, now I have never had anything bad to say about the Parowan cafe, but we now know not to go there during the deer hunt! It was busy, and it took an hour to get a BLT and a Salad!! After the cafe we stopped at the CV girls State soccer game, unfortunately they lost when the opposing team scored the winning goal in the last 5 sec. of the game uhh! Tonight Grant and I are going to find Halloween costumes! Im so excited, I love Halloween! heheheee!

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Kristi said...

WOW BREE!!! Will you make my cake for my birthday! That turned out so good! IM so Glad that you are blogging! I love it and Im sure you will too!!! LOve you! Oh Your costume rocked! I will post Pics I promise, Im just slacking!