Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Almost HOME!!

Well we have had quite the road trip! After we got Grant on the plane with our good friend Adam (what a saint! ) We finally left Pittsburgh around 5 pm Sunday, we stoped twice on our way first in Indiana and second in Nebraska and now we are in Colorado at Deryck's mom's. We are going canoeing and fishing, and riding, we will leave tomorrow morning and head back home! It was quite the summer experience and we can't wait to do it again next year. Although we didn't make our goal of 100 sales we got close, but because we didn't we are taking on the daunting world of JOB HUNTING! AHHH! We would really like to move up north so we are looking mostly up there, so if any of you hear of anything let us know. We can't wait to see alll of you !

OH! we are blessing Evyn this Sunday at 9:00 am we would love to have those of you who can make it, come. I have a new number but if you need directions just text Deryck! LOVES!!!


Kristi said...

HEY I cant wait to have you cant move up north so dont look up there!!

Laura Castillo said...

Yeah for coming home! I loved it when we came home finally so I know how it feels! Hope to see you soon! Loves!