Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exciting Events

Here are a few exciting events

Evyn was finally given a name and a blessing by her daddy the weekend that we arrived home, she wore my blessing dress, she looked so precious! Thanks to all who came.

We did the Iron County Fair thing on Monday, and this time actually took part in the horse races this year, Deryck's dad, Grandpa and Uncle all had horses in the races, and yes we got to have our pictures taken!! Deryck's dad's horse "The Heckler" won his race!!


Even though it is still in the making... Grant has decided that he wants to be a big boy and has been going to the potty by himself! What a relief! No more diapers for the GrantMan!! Wooo Hooo!

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Jamilla said...

Way to go Grant! I love the pictures at the top of your blog of Evyn. Did Andriana take those?

Kristi said...

YAY for you and Grant!! Im sad that we missed the Blessing!! Dang US!! Your too Cute Im excited to see you next week!!! be prepared for my loves!! LOL ;)

Laura Castillo said...

YAY to no diapers!!! We are working on that one too!! So glad to have you guys back and can't wait to see you again!!