Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Ok so if you are reading these posts I need to tell you that they are backwards so if you want the exact play by play you will have to start from the bottom to the top of the page;)

I took one of the pictures with my Grandpa Clarence in mind, I am standing by a protected species of bees at Xel Ha, these are hives made of followed out trees and yes there is a lot of honey inside;)
Deryck and I spent our last night in Cancun walking on the beach ( I know how sappy) but it WAS so romantic.;)
We woke up early saturday morning and layed out on the beach, it was the nicest day about 90 degrees and of course it had to be the day of our departure. I didn't want to leave Cancun without sea shells for Grant and the whole time we were there we couldn't find any on the beach, but Deryck was determined and dug through the sand as the waves rolled in like he was panning for gold and low and behold found a treasure trove of sea shells! All in all we had the time of our lives and are so thankful for the people who made it possible for us to go, can't wait for next year!
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The Manwarings said...

How fun, you guys look like you had a great time!! It is always so nice to get a little couple time! :)

The Bingham's said...

I love these picture how fun!! You two are so cute!! I am glad you had a good time! Bree you seriously look fabulous! I had so much fun with you guys thanks for staying with me!! I miss you! LOVE YOU!

Kristi said...

Oh my gosh what a fun time!! I love that you spend the last night on the beach!! I love that your still "sappy"! Im really sad you didn't fit me in your bag, next time right? LOL Love ya

Est. 2006 said...

Cancun was soooooo fun! So glad we all got to go together! Love all your pics! :)

Shana Lynn said...

How Fun!!! That warm weather looks so nice!!!! Looks like you had tons of fun!!

Amberley said...

Bree I am so jealous, how fun! I am so happy you guys got to go and enjoy yourselves!