Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cancun continued...

Here is the temple, then you have the ring where they hit the ball through in a 7 on 7 game using only elbows knees and hips NO hands and feet it was approx 2o feet high! AMAZING! The most interesting sight to see was this baptismal faunt, then there was the observatory, the Myan people were truely brilliant in their studies of the sun and astrology.
This is at the center of the Arena where they played "ball" this is where they say "kukulcan" (kukul meaning feather and can meaning snake) sat but we call him Jesus Christ ;)

Friday was basically our last full day in Cancun, Deryck and I went to Xel- Ha (shell ha) which is basically a protected cove which was a mixture of salt water and fresh water, you had to wear biodegradeable sunscreen, and you could just snorkel, ride a tube through the mangroves at the begining of the cove, clif dive, ride bikes, swim with dolphins, and caves, they had all kinds of wild life, it was so relaxing and beautiful
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Jason & Karen said...

Bree you seriously look so amazing! I love ya girl I hope things are going good with you and your cute family.

Brenda Joy said...

These pictures are so much fun to see! I'm so glad you had such a fun trip. You two are such an adorable couple. What a fun time together! LOVES YOU!