Thursday, January 1, 2009

3 Christmases and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have never been soooo exhausted in my life, nor have I ever done as much traveling as we have in the past 3 weeks! I will try to make this all very short. We went to St. George a grand total of 5 times, drove to Rangely Colorado 1, had 3 Christmas parties, had 3 Christmases and had a very quiet but enjoyable New Years Eve. All in all I had one of the best Christmases ever, And I am more than excited to see what the new year will bring, We Wish you all a very Prosperous New Year xoxo! The COPLEY'S

Christmas Party in St. George with Santa (grandpa Doug) and Nancy

Christmas in Rangely Colorado at Grandma Pennie's (it was the smallest town I have ever seen, and ugliest place too, good thing the snow covered most of it! haha! ) Grant had fun sledding with Grandma

St. George, Grant and his blinky light christmas shirt, woot woo!

Christmas in St. George at Great Grandma Copley's, We had a yummy Prime Rib dinner, opened lots of presents and played fun Games

Christmas Eve in Parowan, We ate, and exchanged white Elephant gifts , this years creative gift award goes to Aunt BRENDA SANTANA!

Mom and Papa with theit white Elephant gifts

Grant and his 2nd cousin Aiden, this is my cousin Ian's youngest, they live in New York and we haven't seen them in almost 4 years! so it was sooo nice to spend Christmas Eve with them

Christmas at my parent's house, most of the presents, actually 90% of them belonged to Grant

Watching and helping Grant open all his gifts, he was a little overwhelmed!

Daddy helping Grant set up his new train he got from Grandma Pennie

Riding his new Radeo Flyer Tricycle from Papa

Hmmmm looks familiar, I think there is a picture of his uncle Aaron in the same mask many Christmases ago

This was the only picture we took on New Years Eve, in fact Grant was the only one partying, I think he has a hang over from all of the food he ate!


Kristi said...

Oh Bree you are tooo Funny!! LOL Im so glad that you had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Years!! LOves!!!

Brittany & Ryan said...

Hey thanks for your comment!! We will have to get a play group going for sure. Are you working? I dont know my exact plan but I will be doing a little work here and there. When is your due date? I am SO excited for all of us :-)