Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peace amidst the Chaos

It's been a while since my last post and since it's a Sunday and I have some free time while Grant is taking a nap I thought it would be a good time to blog. First off I have to say that the economy has got us down in the dumps! Deryck has now been unemployed for almost a whole month now and it is driving us both crazy!!! I never thought that I would be ernestly job hunting midway through my pregnancy and the thought of having a full time job scares me, BUT this is exactly what I went to school for, our back up plan if you will, however I hate to say that the economy has ruined that plan as well, because THERE ARE ZERO job openings!! AHHH!! I have applied for many but have yet to have an interview. Meanwhile Deryck has been applying for jobs everywhere as well but has had no luck either. Amidst all of this chaos and worry, we have not forgotten that we have been sooooo blessed to be able to make it through this month so far. Even on the worst days, we can see the spiritual blessings in our lives and that alone brings us peace and reassurance that we will indeed make it through these hard times. We have our health, 2 healthy babies, and our family and faith. Indeed we are blessed.


The Manwarings said...

Best of luck with everything! We will be thinking and praying for you! The Gospel is so wonderful isn't it?! It can bring much peace in hard times! :)

The Eves Family said...

We hear ya! Mike has also been looking for a job for 3 months now! I lost my job 2 weeks ago, so we are both looking as well. I hope we all find something soon!


Brenda Joy said...

Times just seem to be tough wherever you look right now. I love your good attitude, and want you to know that well keep you in our prayers along with Mike and Melissa!

Tricia said...

I hope you guys find something soon!! Good luck!

Sorry, I didn't tell you sooner, about getting engaged. My phone was being retarded that day and I couldn't tell who I told, and who I didn't. :) I'm so excited and I will keep ya posted on the details!