Monday, June 1, 2009

Farewell, and yummy messy fun

Last Thursday we took a trip to St. George for a farewell dinner for Doug and Nance, Doug got a great job offer in Santa Barbara CA, so they were moving that weekend. It is a strange feeling having your family spread all over the place when you have had them all very close for a long time, With Pennie in Colorado and Doug and Nance in CA. and us leaving for PA soon, it is going to be hard for us all but it will deffinately make for some good visits for the kids in the future. I just want to say how much we love and appreciate Doug and Nan for all they have done for us and for all their love and support, we will miss having them close by.

Today Evyn had two doctors appointments and between the feedings and diaper changes and all that I needed to spend some quality time with Grant, so after putting Evyn down for a nap that is just what we did. Since Grant is in the stage where he loves getting into everything and making messes I thought it would be a good Idea to decorate a cake and let him have free range of the frosting, as you can see by the pictures he frosted his head instead:) He has also just learned how to sing happy birthday so he loved the Idea of making a cake just so that he could sing the song, plus we got to have our cake and eat it too! it was so much fun and it was so nice to not say NO to making a mess. LOVE YOU GRANTMAN!
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Amberley said...

you guys really will be spread all over the place. I think its awesome you took time with just you and Grant, it will mean alot to him. See ya soon

The Bingham's said...

You are such a darling mom!! I love your cute cake!! YUM YUM!! Miss you and love you!!

Laura Castillo said...

It's always fun to have special time with the kiddos! You are so cute and your babies are adorable!

Jamilla said...

What cute mommy/son time! I am glad to see that you can still have some fun with the toddler once the second one arrives, you give me hope! When do you leave for PA?

Kristi said...

LOL Oh how funny is it in his hair and its not just a little its alot!! LOL I love it! Boo to your fam being all over thats sad!