Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pool Time

So even though the wind today was out of control! We decided that it was still warm enough to go swimming in Nana's pool. Grant has been waiting all week for the pool to be ready so we could not tell him no anymore and we all gave in and put our swim suits on and braved the wild wind. The water was actually not that bad so we were able to enjoy the overcast sun;) and swim for at least an hour.
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Amberley said...

How fun! Your mom looks like a rockstar she is super hott! Grant is so stinkin cute, yay for swimming

Jamilla said...

Cute! I love the summer and all the pool time that comes with it!

Kristi said...

Oh fun!! Yes your mom looks great! Im so excited to see you and the little ones tomrrow! YAY!