Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grant's 1st date

They grow up so fast! haha! Grant went on a "date" with Tanna (Anton's girlfriend) Tanna offered to take Grant to Park Discovery and they had a blast. Tanna use to be a nanny for two kids in Las Vegas but she moved back to Cedar and she is missing her "rugrats" as she calls them. So she wanted to spend the day with Grant, and of course it was an offer a mom couldn't refuse;) Tanna said Grant did run into a few "bullies" when he tried to play with another kids squirt gun he was asked very sternly by the kid "to Put that back where it came from";) Grant politely gave it back, then he kept telling Tanna "silly kids" he loved his day date with Tanna, Anton better watch out or he might lose his girl to Grant lol! Thanks Tanna !

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Jamilla said...

That is so sweet! How are you doing with two kids and a husband across the country? It is so nice that you have family close by to help out.

The Bingham's said...

That is so darling!! Tanna seems like a really sweet girl!! Your gonna be at grandpa's party right? I am so excited to see you and that cute baby! Your going to make me baby hungry!! Love you!

Kristi said...

Sister-in-Law Material!!! It was good to see you the other day! I will Try to come see you before your Flight!! LOVE YOU!