Monday, July 27, 2009

BBQ and more

yesterday our regional manager gave our team $1800 to have a big bbq at the pool, so you can only buy so much food and have left over money so what do you do with the left overs???? YOU TRHOW IT IN THE POOL! They let all of the guys dive for $500 in $1 coins and quarters and it looked like spawning fish! but the guys earned it, they matched their best week last week and worked hard WAY TO GO BOYS!! going for our daily walk!
My little man

Deryck and Jess were the big winners with $72 and $88

My friends Kelly and Rachel with Grant man

Friends Sombryn and Bree.... And Bree is married to a Derrick too! haha! they are expecting their baby on the 4th and it's a girl too! we have a lot in common

look at all the white backs !

Dial explaining the rules

She is getting quite chunky!

By far my favorite thing to do here is go to the DRIVE IN !

Super model... my little mis DIVA! That is her new nick name because she runs the house...for Real!



Cami and Shelby said...

Evyn is getting so big! Its crazy how fast they grow. Your little Grant is the cutest!

Kristi said...

Oh love you look soooo good!! The "Little Diva" Is getting soooo big what the crap kids grow sooo fast!! Oh I miss you!!! Im so glad you keep up on the blog!! LOVES!!

Laura Castillo said...

I'm glad you guys are doing good! She is getting so big and she is so beautiful! You look really good! Hope all is well. Loves!