Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Hobbes

(this is my first day with Hobbes)

Yesterday was a very sad day. My mom called me around 11:00 am PA time and she was hysterically crying and trying to tell me something I knew I didn't want to hear, all I heard was Hobbes is dead. After I got my mom to calm down she proceeded to tell me what had happened, I was thinking maybe he ran out in the street and got hit by a car, but it wasn't a car, it was the neighbors pitbul. Apparently the neighbors let it out only at night to go rome free around the neighborhood, because throughout the night it had kept coming in my parents backyard causing all of the dogs to bark well the nieghbors didn't lock it back up because they couldn't find it so they just let it run loose. My mom hooked the dogs up in the backyard while she did some laundry, well that dog came back and into my moms backyard and that is when my mom heard all the commotion and when she went out to look, Hobbes and that dog were gone. she went to the front of the house and that dog had Hobbes in his mouth and she was trying to get that dog to drop Hobbes and he finally droped him in the nieghbors driveway, my mom said that he must have been killed instantly. Animal Patrol was called and they have to get rid of their dog, and possibly pay restitution.

We have had Hobbes for 4 years, since he was a baby, he was the last of the bunch, the little runt that no one seemed to want so they sold him to me at a cheaper price, he was an extremely smart dog, learned so quick. We named him after a cartoon cat and it fit him perfectly because he was accident prone and we always joked that he had 9 lives after surviving a terrible fall down concrete stairs when he was just 9 weeks that left him with a crook in his left leg and falling out of the back of a pick up, and running off my parents roof. We loved him and it will be so sad coming home and not seeing how excited he would have been to see us. A few months ago we bred Hobbes to a little Yorkie, just as a way to make a little extra cash, little did we know that it would be so much more than just that. The owner called me last week to tell me that she had given birth to just one tiny male. We will miss you Hobbes, Im sorry we were not there.


Cami and Shelby said...

Oh thats so sad! Pitbulls are so mean!

Chanc said...

I am so, so sorry! Kayleigh told me about this so I came to read your blog. It's terrible that people allow dogs like that to run free when they have so much potential for destruction.

May Hobbes rest in peace.

The Bingham's said...

My mom called and told me this! I am so sad!! Poor little Hobbes! Pitbulls should be illegal!! I am so sorry Bree!! Love you!!

Brenda Joy said...

My dear Bree! I have been so heartsick since this happened. I know for me that Hobbs was more than a pet. I loved that little guy myself and will miss him terribly. We was a wonderful furry little friend. I am so sad for your loss and want you to know that I am thinking of you. I love you.

Lori said...

Sorry Bree, there are times at my house when we people are out numbered by our dogs... A lot of times there's lots of craziness with all of them when we are all there together.. but they are just like us, family members.. I Love my little dogs and they are such good companions when I'm sad, lonely or alone.
I think it's awful what happened to Hobbes.
Thinking of you!
Your little family is so adorable.
Love Lori

Amberley said...

How sad, I hate pitbulls! I am so so sorry!

Kristi said...

I cried... not going to lie so sad.... However, you can not blame the breed of dog, you must remeber that they are only taught what the owner will teach them... Please remember... I love you and I really now, with Kia I really think I would lock myself in my room and Cry for days!

Tricia said...

I'm SOOOO sorry! That is awful! Pitbulls are scary and I'm so sad that happened to your little guy. I love ya!