Thursday, July 9, 2009

More PA shananagins!

Enjoying an early day off work at the company BBQ on the 4th

Grant was showing the Dial girls that he is the boss of Evyn, and they have to ask him to hold her;)

Racheal helping Grant with his first sparkler!

Matt entertaining the kids with fire! Way to go Matt ha ha

Grant isn't quite as tall as an elephant..... but his imagination and personality might be!

They had a Zebra there especially for Grant! ha ha

We took Grant and Evyn to the PA ZOO it, he love it !

Well whaddaya know there is a park discovery in PA too!

Grant taking a bath with "Russel" yes all of them are named Russel except for the red one apparently his name is "Aaron Russel" that is what Grant calls him. thanks nana for the " Russels!"

Now that Grant basically has the whole Nacho Libre movie memorized and can quote from it....Papa decided to fuel the fire and get him a mask ! Love it !



Crazy Copleys said...

Hey I am so glad to see that you guys are doing good! We can't wait for you all to come home!

The Bingham's said...

I love all your new pictures! It look like you guys are having a fun time! Your mom said that Deryck is doing really good!! I sure did miss you this weekend!! It wasn't the same without you!! I LOVE YOU!