Thursday, July 2, 2009

Welsome To Pittsburgh!

So I finally found a computer to use , Thanks to Adam, any ways it's been interesting out here in PA. It is so beautiful here, and there are so many places to shop and visit, I haven't done a whole lot mainly because I have two small children and getting them in and out of the truck is challenging. It also rains a lot here, the first week it was really warm and sunny but this week it has been cold and raining every 10 min. So swimming has been put on hold for a few days or even more now that Grant has come down with a case of pneumonia! I know... he just had to get sick here where we have no family practitioner of pediatrition... so we had to visit the emergency room instead and can I just tell you... it was a joke! we spent a total of 4 hours.... and that was just waiting time! Any ways, I am about to throw the Nacho libre movie out the window, he watches it at least twice a day! But it keeps him happy. Sunday is the only day that the guys have off, so we go to church then the guys have a softball game later in the day, and last game it rained so much and we had no umberella and so we just sat in the truck. I know that it is a break for the guys to get out and do something but it deffinately was no picknick for me, I got to chase Grant around trying to keep him off the field while trying to watch Evyn at the same time. I like softbal but I hate the fact that they play in a league because if we want to do something as a family, we have to rush to get back for a stupid ball game, so it's almost pointless to plan to go site seeing or go on a fun trip, I was looking forward to visiting all the historical places but now im starting to wonder if we will ever get the chance?? The girls get together every once in a while and do something fun but again, im the only one out here with 2 small children, everyone else has either 1 infant or older kids who can watch themselves, so I don't get to go that often. But over all I love it here even though the muggy weather has reaked havoc on my skin and I don't venture out much, I just wish I my family could have come out so that I felt like I had someone to share adventures with. I will try to post more exciting pictures if I ever get the oportunity to go somewhere exciting;)

Evyn is smiling and laughing now , I love this stage!

Grant in the Emergency room getting ready for his chest X-ray

After daddy's softball game, we are soaked!

The city, on our way to the game

This is what is on the other side of the tunnle, it is so neat because when you enter the tunnle to go to the city all you can see is the hills and green, then when you reach the end of the tunnle all of the sudden you are in the City, it kind of takes your breath away.

Of course we had to EAT AT JOES! what a dork!

I don't know why I found this to be the coolest thing ever, every state should have this sign in all the major shopping parking lots! haha!, this is at the mall.....sweet!

These are the apartments, Ventana Hills, Hills???? No kidding!

Our backyard, well kind of;)

Swimming at the pool

Grant chasing bunnies! there are little forest creatures everywhere and at night the hills sparkle with the glow of fire flies.... reminds me of DisneyLand at night! ;)

The honey suckles in front of the apartments

daily luch out on the balcony.... feels like summer;)


Kristi said...

Oh love i do hope that things start looking up for you and the weather clears up. LOVE and miss you! call if you want to chat!

Laura Castillo said...

It really looks so neat! I hope you guys are doing good and Grant is feeling better. Evyn is so very cute i love that stage too.

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you got to post! I really hope the weather gets better! I'm with ya on the softball thing. I hate when stuff like that puts a damper on fun, adventurous stuff. I hope you will get to do some site seeing! Evyn is adorable. I love those pictures of her. Grant laying on the hospital bed was so stinkin cute! He is getting too big already. :) I love ya and miss ya I hope all goes well for you guys!!

Steph said...

You have a super cute family!