Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I wish for a FISH!

We took a ride up American Fork Canyon a few weeks ago to take the kids fishing. Grant has been begging me to take him all summer long, but since I am no good when it comes to setting up a pole I have always left that duty up to his dad, so the poor kid had to wait 4 months to be able to have this moment, even though no fish were caught this day, the kids were getting a kick out of watching the fish jump out of the water to catch their dinner.  And just being together up there in the mountains was the hilight of my week.
bustin out the fly fishin pole!

Doesn't my little "dolly" look like a seasoned fisherman??  She absolutely LOVED it !

Grant finally got his summer wish to go fishing with Dad :)

 But the most sweetest moment of all was when Grant put his arm around Evyn and said "here Evyn "doll" I will teach you how to fish like me!"
I absolutely love this picture of the two of them, This is going up on my wall for sure!

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