Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jakers Jack-o-lantern's!

Saturday we visited Jaker's in Springville UT, I had been talking to some co-workers and friends about where a good pumpkin patch around these parts was. Growing up in Cedar I always enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch in Paragonah I have really never been to any other, considering I never knew of any other pumpkin patches because there werent very many to choose from around there :) But now we live in a place where there is a pupkin patch just about at every corner, and most of the big ones require you to pay and entry fee plus the price of the pumpkins you pick! Well Jaker's has a lot more going for them that just the fact that its all free (except for the pumkins, but they are VERY reasonable priced) its loads of fun, feels like a REAL pumpkin patch, not to carnival like the others and we seriously could have spent all day there just playing in the ginormous pit of corn kernals! ( I seriously want a corn box instead of a sand box now haha!)

They had a two mazes constructed out of hay bales, you could go through without getting corn husks stuck in your hair or bugs all over you, or coming out all itchy, Grant sure had fun in the big maze climbing and jumping from hay stack to haystack, and playing king of the mountain.

ahhhhh... the corn box! Only thing bad about it was coming out of the corn box with an "ear of corn" ! haha! Sorry I just had to. The petting zoo was also fun, they had a reindeer, kangaroo, and a GIANT pig! It was seriously the size of a good size calf!

Despite the heat... which by the way was a blazing 80 degrees! Grant was getting discouraged in the hunt for the "perfect" pumpkin due to the heat, but we ended up taking home 2 of the best lookin pumpkins out of the whole bunch! Oh we also bought a few of those orange things too :)
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